OVI Defense in Ohio

Defense of an OVI depends on a careful assessment of the particular facts of the case. Legal issues that arise during the initial stop, field sobriety tests (FSTs), the OVI arrest, and the blood alcohol content (BAC) testing can cause an OVI case to be drastically reduced or completely dismissed. Recognizing the issues inherent to an OVI defense is therefore of prime importance.

OVI cases also involve complex legal issues and require the ability to argue a case in writing through a motion to suppress and in court at the suppression hearing. Every OVI case implicates the 4th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, i.e. your right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures versus the State's right to enforcement of the law. 4th Amendment issues can be very fact specific and require someone with a overall view on how Ohio courts handle search and seizure issues as they relate to OVI arrests. Because of the complexity of the legal issues surrounding an OVI stop and arrest, not to mention the serious penalties that accompany a conviction, an attorney for an OVI charge is nearly indispensible.

While any attorney could "handle" an OVI, only those attorneys well versed in Ohio OVI legal issues can truly fight an OVI. Attorneys at ohiooviattorney.com don't "handle" OVI cases. The OVI attorneys listed here fight to ensure you are protected in court and provided with a proper OVI defense.

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